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Ecuapet as representative of BIO-KOMP offers products and services for design, manufacture and marketing of air compressors, gas and biogas plants with capacities ranging from 10 Nm3/h to 6.000 Nm3/h with pressures from de 0 a 200 barg.

Bio - Komp manufactures and trade compressors and generators worldwide for gases such as acetylene, carbon dioxide, argon, air, nitrogen, biogas (all types), LPG, hydrogen, methane, oxygen (all degrees of purity) and all refrigerants.

Our pride is completely customize the machine to the needs of our customers, always looking for new technologies to be applied to our product, it means that bio-komp keeps pace with the times and manufacturess a product that is always at the forefront.

The choice of components is very precise and designed to ensure long life of products without sacrificing performance and reducing maintenance.