KIRCHNER ITALIA can carry out the design, engineering, manufacture, installation and commissioning of heating for petroleum, gas and petrochemicals..

Provides Heaters and coating systems for the following applications:

a) For refining and petrochemical heaters: 

  • Load Heaters and boilers 
  • Heaters for atmospheric and vacuum. 
  • Oil re-heaters
  • For catalytic reformers (heaters Platforming and Powerforming) 
  • Heaters hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hidrodes ulfuración, hydrorefining
  • Commissioning: Regeneration, Air Heaters, Oxygen and Gas. 
  • Steam super heaters.

b) Reaction heaters such as:

  • Visbreaking, thermal cracking
  • Coking EDC Pyrolysis   
  • VCM

c) Steam reforming heaters (ammonia, methanol, hydrogen plants CO, etc.). 

d) Ethylene cracker heaters  

e) High intensity Reformers and heaters for steam reformers under license from Exxon

f) Waste Heat Boiler (WHB) and sections of waste heat recovery (WHS) 

g) Plants of energy conservation, such as: 

  • Air preheating facilities air
  • Steam generation systems